Duckworth Overlook Graphic Novel/ Military History 29 January 2015

Duckworth Overlook
Graphic Novel/Military History
29 January 2015

The Harlem Hellfighters Written by Max Brooks, the author of the worldwide phenomenon World War Z Illustrated by  Caanan White, theartist behind the bestselling World War II comics series Über ‘We became one of the most decorated units black or white in the entire American expeditionary force. Despite being forbidden to fight with our army, despite imported prejudice from our own government, despite the insults, restrictions and every possible attempts “to repress them sternly” , despite being set up to fail, we not only stopped Germany’s best from taking Paris but also helped drive them all the way back to their fatherland.’ The Harlem Hellfighters Based on true events, The Harlem Hellfighters is the action-packed and powerful story of a group of exceptional African-American soldiers. In 1919, the 369th infantry regiment – ‘The Harlem Hellfighters’ as the Germans called them – marched home triumphantly from World War I. They had spent more time in combat than any other American unit, never losing a foot of ground to the enemy and winning countless decorations. Despite their bravery and extraordinary achievements, The Harlem Hellfighters faced tremendous discrimination, racism, and outright violence from their own government. The Harlem Hellfighters tells the story of the unsung African-American heroes of The Great War.  Media Relations  I targeted the national broadcast and print media as well as specialist history and graphic novel outlets.  Publicity highlights for this graphic novel include an interview and a review in The Independent, a feature in Shortlist, and reviews in the magazine All About History, and graphic novel blogs Grovel and Shelfabuse,among others.The Harlem Hellfighters was made Book of the Week in The Independent’s Radar Magazine. Max Brooks was also interviewed by The Daily Telegraph and the Harlem Hellfighters was featured in the newspaper’s online Culture Picture Gallery.  Max Brooks spoke about the Harlem Hellfighters on BBC Radio The Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio 4 Front Row and Monocle FM.

Review of The Harlem Hellfighters in the Independent's Radar Magazine 24 January 2015

Review of The Harlem Hellfighters in the Independent’s Radar Magazine      24 January 2015

Interview in The Independent 29 January 2015

Interview in The Independent 29 January 2015


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