Leverage: The CEO’s Guide to Corporate Culture, by John R. Childress

Publisher: Principia Associates Released 01 December 2013

Principia Associates Publishing 
02 December 2013

Few concepts in business contain so many powerful truths, and at the same time so much crap, as corporate culture.

In December 2013 Principia Associates Publishing released LEVERAGE: The CEO’s Guide to Corporate Culture by business author John R. Childress.

This book specially written for the CEO and business leader to better understand what corporate culture is, why it matters, the impact on performance, where culture comes from, how to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own culture, and importantly, how to develop and sustain high performance culture. With over 35 years of experience advising CEOs and senior executive teams of global organizations, international business consultant and author John R. Childress brings to life the important elements of corporate culture including the role of leadership, approaches to culture change, culture myths, culture surveys and assessments and the role of culture in business performance and mergers & acquisitions.

The writing style is direct and to the point since CEOs and business leaders have little time to wade through consultant ‘gobblygook’ or academic text. Leverage is also filled with examples and case studies that bring the topic of corporate culture to life!

About John R. Childress

John R. Childress is a pioneer in the field of strategy execution, culture change, executive leadership and organization effectiveness, an effective public speaker and workshop facilitator for Boards and senior executive teams. Childress is the former co-founder and CEO of The Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group and brings over 35 years of experience with senior executive teams in numerous industries across the globe. Childress currently is a senior advisor to global businesses on leadership, corporate culture and strategy execution. Childress is also the author of FASTBREAK: The CEO’s Guide to Strategy Execution, a unique synthesis of how-to, philosophy, case-study examples and principles of effective leadership to help the CEO and business leader improve their organization’s ability to deliver on their strategy and business promises.

Public Relations

I was tasked with creating a media relations and digital media relations campaign to raise the profile of John R. Childress and support the promotion of Leverage: The CEO’s Guide to Corporate Culture.

Media relations 

John R. Childress discusses corporate culture on CNBC European Closing Bell

John R. Childress discusses corporate culture on CNBC European Closing Bell

The media relations campaign for Leverage targeted the international online, broadcast and print media in the corporate, management, and business sectors.

John R. Childress was invited to promote Leverage and discuss corporate culture in the banking industry on CNBC European Closing Bell, on 29 November 2013. Childress explained how chief executives should manage corporate culture so that it does to become a business liability.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 18.10.09Childress also shared his expertise on corporate culture change and leadership through guest posts on Switch and Shift, and articles on CEO.com.

Leverage was also reviewed in The Economist.

Digital Relations 

I supervised the creation of Childress’s website businessbooks.johnrchildress.com, and optimised his social media platforms. High-quality digital marketing content helped reach online influencers, increase Childress’s number of followers and maximise his online visibility and influence.

Promotional videos for Childress’s website were created in partnership with SoundView.

Introduction to Leverage

Welcome Video John R. Childress's website

Welcome Video John R. Childress’s website


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