John Childress – Author of Historical and Political Thrillers 

Almost perfect 1.indd

Rapid Lighting Press
Thriller Fiction


John Childress is a self-published author of political and thriller novels. His writing style is full of intrigue and humour, with exotic locations and an engaging cast of characters. His novels are thought provoking, often probing the darker side of large institutions, corporations and organised religion. A recurring theme in his work is the historical antecedents to modern-day criminal and terrorist activities.Most of John’s novels are set in exotic locations such as the south of France, Beirut, the Bahamas, the Skagit River, Argentina, Russia, Hawaii.

“My novels, whether they be historical thrillers, Almost Perfect and Bad Company, or political thrillers, Game Changer and Business As Usual, are all in the great tradition of John LeCarré, Lee Child, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. They are fast paced, witty and with political and moral depth that will keep you thinking as your heartbeat races along with the story.” John Childress

Digital Relations 

John Childress brought me on board to create a digital marketing strategy to enhance his presence online and promote his novels. I supervised the creation of Childress’s website novels.johnrchildress.com and optimised his social media platforms. High-quality digital marketing content engaged with online influencers, increased Childress’s number of followers and maximised the online visibility of his novels.



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